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Josh Bonventre and Kevin Texeira of Shore Creation, LLC, created an outdoor game, RampShot that is unlike any other.  Most games involve one player at any one time, RampShot incorporates 3 players in a single turn.  This highly interactive experience keeps all players engaged in a fun, competitive spirit.

​Josh, a physical education teacher, first came up with the idea while teaching a lesson plan to his students.  His goal was to develop a game that could inspire physical activity and enjoy hours of entertainment at the same time. 

As an outdoor game enthusiast, he knew the game had to involve great throws and amazing catches that could make any highlight reel.  After much trial and error, the first version of RampShot was born. It needed more, though. That's when Kevin got the call. There was no better person to call on than a friend who gets as competitive as I do at outdoor games. (Having a great business background didn't hurt either).

Once Kevin got on board, the creators worked diligently at fine-tuning the design of the ramp. The result: the creation of the grooves!  The grooves on the top of the ramp create bounces that keep players on their toes and make for spectacular plays.  Once the design was perfected, the official game rules were created and that further inspired the process of taking RampShot to the next level.

​The creativity and determination shown by the co-creators has been rewarded with a patent pending status.  Further detailing the truly unique design it brings to world of outdoor games.

RampShot can be played in just about any social gathering. Bring it with you to; backyard hangouts, beach parties, tailgating events, or camping retreats.  RampShot was created for friends and families to enjoy and inspire a fun and competitive spirit.

​Motivated to live a healthy, active lifestyle?  RampShot develops; motor skills, teamwork, physical activity, and good old-fashion outdoor fun.  Look for it soon and “Get in the Groove.”

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